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Jeanie Dominguez

Jeanie (1)

Jeanie Dominguez

Employee Benefits Senior Executive Assistant / Licensed Agent

Jeanie, a proud native of San Angelo, Texas, has made a lasting impact on her community through a journey filled with diverse experiences and a passion for both professional excellence and creative expression.

For over a decade, Jeanie dedicated herself to the Tom Green County Library, where she was a steadfast presence, contributing her knowledge and expertise. Her years of service at the library not only reflected her commitment but also her love for the world of literature and information.

In 2011, Jeanie embarked on an academic journey, graduating from the University of Phoenix with an Associate Degree in Communications. This achievement laid the foundation for her future endeavors and her capacity to effectively communicate and connect with others.

Recognizing her aptitude for diverse skills, Jeanie furthered her education and professional repertoire. In 2013, she graduated with honors from the American Commercial College, earning certification as a medical coder and billing specialist. This accomplishment showcased her commitment to excellence in the healthcare industry, a testament to her dedication to accuracy and organization.

Transitioning from the library world to the dynamic realm of finance and insurance, Jeanie joined the esteemed Cecil A. Ross Investment & Insurance Group. Here, she wears multiple hats, serving as an Executive Assistant, Licensed Agent, and Social Media Maven. Her multi-faceted role demonstrates her adaptability and her ability to excel in different areas of the business.

Beyond her professional life, Jeanie is a creative force. She finds joy in the culinary arts, spending time concocting delicious dishes in the kitchen. Her love for books transcends her work, as she is an avid reader. Her artistic talents shine through her pursuits, which include drawing, painting, art journaling, and photography. Her creativity knows no bounds, and her artistic endeavors are a testament to her imagination and innovation.

Jeanie's life is a captivating narrative of dedication to her community, academic pursuits, and a commitment to both professional and artistic expression. Her journey is an inspiration, and her presence is a valuable asset to those she works with and the community she calls home.


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