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Cody M. Vasquez


Cody M. Vasquez

Marketing / Licensed Agent

As the Marketer/Licensed Agent, Cody assists with a variety of office functions. He helps with social media marketing, graphic design, front desk duties, and much more. He graduated from Angelo State University with his Master’s Degree of Business Administration in 2020 and a Bachelor’s Degree of Management in 2018. Cody also obtained his Associate's Degree from Midland College in 2016. He comes from a first-generation Hispanic family from Midland, Texas.

He spends most of his time volunteering in a multitude of different organizations and events. Cody is a volunteer leader as the 2020 National Collegian of the Year for the international co-ed business organization, Delta Sigma Pi. He serves on the National Board of Directors based in Oxford, Ohio. He was awarded this for his contributions, achievements, participation, and personal character. Cody also volunteers with the Association of Mexican-American Students Alumni Group from Angelo State.

When not working or volunteering, Cody spends time with his girlfriend, friends, and family. Either at a cook-out, playing board games, watching tv, working out, or with friends, he knows how to have a great time!

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