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Retirement Planning


In the Retirement Plan Projections, we have calculated the projected values using an estimated earnings percentage, assumed continuation of contributions and optional retirement dates.

The Retirement Income Summary portion provides six options for receiving your income at retirement. The interest only option shows an interest income earned on the net after-tax lump sum distribution. The two installment options show the annual income derived from removing the retirement plan value in 10 or 20 annual installments. The three annuity options - life only, life and 10 years certain and life and 20 years certain - state the annual income you can expect to receive, should you elect one of those options. The figure for life annuity with 20 years certain is a figure very similar to a joint and survivor annuity. Annuitization assumes maximum principal retention.


The Retirement Income Analysis estimates all your sources of income upon retirement. Income tax is then calculated on that amount. Once your after-tax retirement income is calculated, it is then compared to your after-tax retirement income goal. To make the report even more realistic, your desired after-tax retirement income has been inflated to reflect your desired income in inflated dollars that provide the same purchasing power as today’s dollar.

The remainder of the report is an analysis of the capital you need to invest to attain the desired retirement income. The effect of inflation on future purchasing power has been calculated for you.